Sept 10-11

Breakout sessions
Panel-Civil Society
Panel-Workgroup Leaders

The purpose of the Symposium is to bring together knowledge management thought leaders from businesses and organizations, technology sector, academia, civil society organizations and the broader workforce to assist the University in designing a Knowledge Sciences Center. The Center will provide advice, support collaborative engagement opportunities, advocate for knowledge issues, support and promote research and development, and provide opportunities for the workforce to prepare for the transition to a knowledge economy. In short, we expect the Knowledge Sciences Center to play a role similar to that of an agricultural extension service as the country built out its robust agricultural economy in the 19th century. The Center will accept challenges and problems as well as convene teams of experts to develop affordable and effective solutions for all kinds and sizes of organizations and communities. The Center will have both a physical and a virtual presence. The physical home of the Knowledge Science Center will be on the Kent State University Kent Campus in Kent, Ohio. The virtual Center will be open to everyone, anywhere. At the present, the Knowledge Sciences Center is a vision waiting to be defined.